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“Sinziana's classes are a blend of fun and thoughtfulness. I always leave her classes with a big smile on my face.”


"banana peanut butter ice cream. not too cold, but not melted yet. just right so the spoon can dig smoothly in. covered with the layer of warm salty sticky caramel sauce. topped with super thin choco flakes. and a lemon biscuit. oh uau.  imagine the kind of sensations of yummyness it brings.
so this is what i get from Sinziana’s classes. just well balanced dose of all the flavours. strong. wisely built sequences that can always challenge, just enough. and calming yin. and saying calming yin from me, person flying all around, trust me. it is magical. no bullshitting around, but well chosen grains of wisdom, with the right timing :) as a bonus. and humour. oh god! those laughters are the best and so essential."


“Thank you again for a... I don't know how to call it class! Lovely is an understatement, not just opening, not just relaxing, not inspiring, because inspiration can be demanding... Like I said,  it was just so right for me, this sequence!”

T. P.

"Hm… where to start? Maybe by saying "Thank you"? but I think it is even not strong enough to illustrate my feelings…
I had a few live and online classes in the past 2 years, nothing very serious and regular…
In June 2017, I was feeling the need to step into Yoga again, and I met Sinziana in this perfect moment…
That's where my love story with Yoga (what else? ;)) really started and it is grace to her! Since then I've practiced Yoga nearly every week and I don't want to stop!
Sinziana is a nice and smiling teacher, authentic, humble and human. I can only advise you to take a class with her."

E. M.

“We were very happy with Sinziana's contribution. She has something to give and she is a good professional teacher with love and devotion for a good yoga practice, which is very important for us. ”


“Such nice set of exercises! Beginning was so innocent, short series with graduation...'master stick', Germans say. I would say Sinziana is getting her own style to the world of yoga. Thanks for that.”


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