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A vacation is great, a yoga retreat is so much better!

You get to chill in a beautiful location, eating organic vegetarian meals, having nothing else to worry about except arriving on the mat for your daily yoga classes and meditation with the teacher you like.

Yoga Retreats and Holidays: About

2020 Yoga Retreats and Holidays

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2020 Yoga Retreats Canary Islands

October 24-21, 2020

October 31- Nov 7, 2020

Sinziana will welcome you at Yogasana House in Lajares. 

You were not made to survive, you are meant to thrive!

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2020 Yoga Holidays Santorini

May 02 - 09, 2020

Sinziana and Pradeep will join forces for the second time in Santorini for a dream like vacation. 

Book your spot early! 

Yoga Retreats and Holidays: Classes
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