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2019 Yoga Holidays in Santorini: About


October 26 - November 2, 2019

Join me in stunning island of Santorini for a week of yoga at the end of October 2019! 

Right when you start missing the glow of summer, with days getting shorter and daylight savings, you can treat yourself with a week of warmth, blue skies, delicious organic homemade food sourced directly from the garden, invigorating vinyasa yoga and replenishing yin sessions in the most charming Cycladic island of Greece. 

From your arrival on the island you will be taken care of, so you can relax and enjoy yourself, fully taking in the splendor of this place. You will be guided through flowing and rejuvenating, uplifting and nourishing yoga sessions, paired with free time to relax on the beach or by the pool, take a walk in the picturesque village of Oia, just clinging on the rim of the caldera, or admire the dramatic views of the sunset from the cliff-perched site... Immerse in the exceptional energy of Santorini and let the magic of yoga do its work on your body, mind and soul, for a unique experience, that will leave you inspired and reenergized. 

The retreat venue 

Architecturally inspired by local houses, the boutique hotel hosting our retreat consists of detached traditional buildings, among vineyards and gardens. On your balcony or patio you may find lovely pots of flowers and herbs (basil, rosemary, sage). You can wander along the paths overshadowed by palm trees and fig trees, relax in a hammock, rest by the pool or enjoy a moment on the nearby volcanic black sand beach, Baxedes. 

Individual bungalows, decorated in beautiful white and blue traditional Greek island style, are all equipped with wifi, telephone, safe box, TV, private bathroom with shower and hair dryer, a kitchenette with fridge and essentials. 

What makes the whole difference are your local hosts: Antonis, Markos and Adonis are the kindest souls you'll encounter, most helpful, welcoming, always present with a smile; you'll immediately feel at ease. 

Yoga practice  

Yin and Yang are Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything: Yin refers to the feminine, internal, passive, cooling, downward, while Yang is masculine, external, dynamic, warming, upward. When applied to yoga, yang describes the active styles of practice working with the muscles while yin describes passive postures directed at the connective tissues and fascia. The week will blend these two styles of yoga, with dynamic vinyasa classes in the morning and relaxing yin sessions in the afternoon.

Morning vinyasa sessions will be a dynamic whole body mindful flow: postures are linked together almost like a dance, graciously and effortlessly moving from one to the other using our breath. Afternoon Yin invites you to slow down. Only a handful of postures, each held a longer time, which allows you to sit with your mind, breathe through the thoughts, let go. This will create space in your body, ease tension and allow deeper movement. Combining both Yin and Yang elements provides a balanced practice and will have a powerful effect: you will feel relaxed and full of energy, while the mind is getting calm and focussed. A truly rejuvenating wellbeing experience.

Guest teacher: Pradeep Teotia

Pradeep first came to Brussels in 2015 and he's been back every year since. If you practiced with him, you don't need any other words. If you did not, he's back again in June 2019!

Sample schedule for a day of the retreat (subject to changes):

8h00 Meditation (optional)

8h30 Dynamic vinyasa yoga (~2h)

11h00 Delicious brunch buffet with coffee, tea, water and juice included

Free time (relax or explore, it's up to you! you can go for a hike, visit the island, go to the beach, lie on the hammock, read a book, enjoy others' company or solitude)

16h00 Yin yoga (2h)

18h30 Sunset experience (either at the nearby beach or from the hilltop church behind the retreat center)

19h00 Delicious homemade dinner with dessert and water included

20h30 Candlelight Mantra listening / chanting (optional) 


Daily after practice vegetarian brunch and dinner will be served during the retreat. The food is homemade, cooked with love and personal dedication by the amazing chef.

The cuisine is mainly traditional Greek, with creative influences, using fresh organic produce sourced either directly form the center's back garden or from the island. You will enjoy exquisite quality and unique taste, due to the climate and volcanic soil, grown with no artificial fertilizers, no pesticides, no growth accelerators. Brunch consists of salads, free range eggs, freshly baked breads, fresh fruit, yogurt, different varieties of cereal and muesli, honey and jam, juice and coffee. In the evening vegetarian multi course meals with starters, main and dessert will enchant your taste buds. Fish will also be on the menu one night. For the meat lovers, the chef will be delighted to oblige at your own additional cost, along with any Bacchus beverage. 


**** 150e nonrefundable deposit ****

- 1250e per person in a shared room with another person – you can book together with a friend or we will pair you with another person, as most participants travel alone.

- 1550e per person in single occupancy room – limited availability

Contact by email or tel no 0498382970

What is included 

* 2 yoga sessions a day, except for one free evening so that you can have more time to explore the surroundings or have a different activity (hiking, boat sailing, architectural visits) 

* all class materials such as mats, belts, blocks, blankets 

* 1 meditation session every day

* homemade brunch buffet and dinner (including welcoming dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast before departure) 

* 7 nights accommodation

* beach and pool towels 

* airport transfers (only to and from the airport and retreat center; if you arrive early or extend your stay you will need to cover the expenses.)

What is NOT included 

* flights to and from Santorini Greece

* massages, beauty and other therapies (to be arranged and paid cash directly with wonderful Mario) 

*alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks during your stay

* meals in between brunch and dinner

* optional excursions/ activities 

* tips for personnel at the resort

Book early to avoid disappointment! 

2019 Yoga Holidays in Santorini: Event
2019 Yoga Holidays in Santorini: Welcome

Disclaimer - The Fine Print

All classes are undertaken at participants' own risk. If you are unsure of your physical ability due to previous injuries, you should seek the advise of a healthcare practitioner beforehand and inform Sinziana of your health conditions. Sinziana cannot be made liable of any injury to self. All participants are responsible for they own physical integrity and assume the risk involved when participating in yoga classes, foreign travel, and any and all activities undertaken while participating in the program. All participants are responsible for their own medical coverage and insurance (to include cover for illness, personal injury, travel delay/cancellation).
Upon booking a non-refundable 150e deposit will be charged. Once this deposit has been paid it secures your place. No reservation is secured or guaranteed until your deposit has been received. The remaining balance of the holidays price is due three calendar months before the holidays start date. Bookings made less than three calendar months before the start date must be paid in full upon booking. Payments are made by bank transfer into our bank account (details will be sent to you to make payment).
If you cancel your booking more than three calendar months before your arrival date then you will lose your deposit only. If you cancel your booking 75 days prior to arrival then you will be liable for 50% of the price, and if you cancel less than 75 days prior to arrival then you will be liable for 100% of the retreat booking.
No exceptions to this can be made for any reason.
Guests rooms will be ready from the start of the holidays date. If you arrive before the designated dates, or depart outside the designated dates, you are fully responsible for your accommodations or transfers.
It is vital that participants communicate a valid email address. If you change your email address you should inform immediately. Once your booking has been made and your deposit received, all further correspondence is by email.
Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and can change quickly and significantly. Sinziana cannot be made liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions.

2019 Yoga Holidays in Santorini: Event
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